Genstor OEM Appliance Solutions Process

Your Custom Appliance Development Process

Information Gathering and Design Phase

During this initial conversation one of the Genstor Technical Engineer will gather information about your project - this will involve questions about your application, custom OS, custom chassis requirements, EOL cycle, and other specific and minor details. We will cover the details of your project, such as the application you are developing, OS compatibility and other challenges the project may pose. You will have a dedicated Project Manager who will be working with you throughout the entire development and production relationship. This stage will also cover all the certifications like UL, CE, FCC etc. you may need for your platform. Depending upon your custom needs like - front I/O, number of add on cards etc. we will propose you a initial hardware platform along with a budgetary price quote for your approval. We can provide you a base platform without any customization to make sure that the hardware platform is fully functional and compatible for your appliance needs. Once approved we will move to incorporate your custom design needs into the platform and get you a firm price quote for your approval.

Information Gathering and Design Phase

As soon as you approve the platform, price and your custom needs we will move ahead to get you a prototype system. The time frame for this can vary according to the level of customization involved for your project. Once ready, the prototype will be made available to you for your approval after the various tests like thermals, burnin etc. At this stage we will also incorporate your branding needs like silk screening your logo etc. We will make sure that this prototype meets most of your expectations and after your review we will be ready to incorporate the changes suggested by you.

First Article, Process Documentation and Mass Production

At this stage the Genstor Project Manager will proceed ahead to get you a first article build as per the changes suggested by your team. We will get you a detailed documentation with all the details of your appliance platform. This documentation will be very helpful to you as well as to Genstor team for mass production phase. The documentation will contain all the details about your appliance and your custom hardware needs and detailed process regarding your application image handling. All the checklist pertaining to Quality control, burin etc will be fully documented. Any future changes will be fully documented to track the changes made during the life cycle of your Appliance.Once approved we are ready for the mass production of your appliance.

Good luck selling your Appliance.