Cloud Servers
Genstor 1u Cloud Platform GS-Ca102


Up to 64 Cores in a 1u chassis, with 2 DP nodes .

  • 1U rack-optimized chassis, Asus RS700DA-E6/PS4 . .
  • 2 Dual Processor Nodes with these features per node:
  • Dual AMD® 6000 series CPUs.
  • Up to 256GB DDR2 memory.
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet.
  • 4x 3.5” hot-swap SATA/SAS bays.
  • IPMI 2.0.
  • 1 open PCI-E x16 slot(HL, LP).
  • 980W high efficiency power.
Most requested customization options for this config :
Processors AMD ® 6000 series.
Networking Intel ® I350T4 4-port gig, Chelsio ® T420-LL-CR 10G.
Disks SSDs, SATA or SAS disks.
Chassis 1u 2 node.
Operating Systems
FreeBSD, Linux(CentOS/Debian/Fedora/Red Hat/Ubuntu), Windows, OpenSolaris.
Some OS will require card addition or hardware change for best performance.
(Some Operating Systems require license purchase to be loaded by us).
Typical application Private or Hybrid Cloud set up. Part of OpenStack™ .
Add-ons Similar nodes and storage for a Hadoop Cluster.
Commonly asked-for options we provide:
Processors AMD 4000 series
Power Redundant Power systems.
RU 2u, 3u systems, if you need more storage or need to add more cards.
Some useful info:
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RAID Levels
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