Q21: I am trying to install Debian 3.1 in my system which is using ICH 5 SATA chip with a SATA HD. I can install the 2.4 kernel, however, when I try to install 2.6 kernel, it does not detect the HD, how to solve this problem?
    Ans: It is a bug in 2.6 kernel. You need to enter the CMOS, change the IDE setting from auto to combine, and then change the SATA from IDE to Raid.

Q22: By mistake, I create a file ?-abc? in Linux, when I try to remove it, it reports it is a invalid option, how can I remove it?
    Ans: Use ?rm -- -abc? to remove it.

Q23: I saw that there?s a MPS setting in CMOS, what is it and how it affects my OS?
    Ans: MPS stand for Multiprocessor Specification; there are two options, 1.1 and 1.4. For all Windows and BSD systems, you should set it to support MPS
      1.4, for all Linux systems, you should set it so 1.1. In some special cases, then if you are installing Windows 2000 in ABIT MB, you may need to change it to MPS 1.1, otherwise the system would not recognizes the second CPU.

Q24: I just receive my new system, when I turn on the power, I hear consistently long beeps, and there?s no POST (Power On Self Test). What?s going on?
    Ans: The memory is loose during shipping and handling. Remove the top panel of the system, reset the memory, and then power on the system again.

Q25: I just receive my Xeon system, when I turn on the system, I can see that power light is on, but there?s no POST (Power On Self Test) and no beeps. What?s going on?
    Ans: Xeon CPU is loose during shipping and handling. Open the top panel of your system, remove heat sink, reset the CPU (take it out and put it in), and
      then mount the heat sink. If you have problem remove the heat sink, or it is still no POST, please call our support.

Q26: I have Adaptec raid card in my system, and I notice that ASM is installed. When I double click on the ASM icon, it asks for the password. What is the default password?
    Ans: The default password is adaptec.

Q27: I have 3Ware raid in my system, and I notice that 3dm2 is installed. When I double click on 3dm2, it asks for the password. What is 3dm2?s password?
    Ans: For user and administrator, the default password is 3ware. For security, you must change the default password to your own password after you login.

Q28: What is my default login user name and password?
    Ans: Default root password is: genstor, default user: genstor, password: genstor, in some OS, there is no default user added.

Q29: What is my Windows Administrator?s password?
    Ans: There is no password for your admin.

Q30: What is my system root password.?
    Ans: The default root password is: genstor

Q31: I install FreeBSD 5.3 on my 800 FSB system with Adaptec raid controller, after boot from the install CD, it shows many ATA-1 time out errors.?
    Ans: Boot to the safe mode by press 3, and continue to install normally. Reboot to safe mode after installation, compile the kernel to SMP. It should work

Q32: I tried to install FreeBSD 5.3 on SuperMicro?s X6DHR-8G MB, with 2x Xeon 3.0 800 FSB CPUs, but it failed to install. How to make it work?
    Ans: It works with SMP kernel only, follow this steps: 1) Boot install CD with "safe mode" and do a dev install. 2) After install, reboot with "safe mode". 3) cd
      /usr/src/sys/i386/conf, config SMP, cd ../compile/SMP, make depend, Make, install. 4) Reboot.