April 2014 - Genstor introduces the New Hitachi 6TB "He" Enterprise drives in the Infortrend RAID Solutions:

Infortrend DS 3000 Series Family

Up to 360TB in a 4U space

Genstor Systems is pleased to announce availability of the Hitachi 6TB Enterprise class drives 6Gb SAS hard drives in the Infortrend DS3000 Series RAID Solutions. The He6 delivers the world's first hermetically sealed, helium hard drive, the Ultrastar® He6 for massive scale-out environments. Why does helium make a difference? Helium has only one-seventh the density of air. Replacing air with helium inside a hard drive dramatically reduces the turbulence caused by the spinning disk, cuts power consumption and results in a lower temperature within the disk drive.

The reduction in turbulence for the spinning disk allows Hitachi to offer a seven-disk design in a traditional 3.5-inch form factor. In addition to being the world's first helium-filled hard drive, Hitachi Ultrastar He6 is also the first hard drive in the industry to offer a 6-terabyte capacity. This design delivers a 50% capacity gain and still reduces the energy needed to run the drive by up to 23%.

Hitachi 6TB Drive Logo
  • Highest capacity HDD on the market; 6TB, seven-disk design, providing the best TCO.
  • Lowest power consumption with best watts-per-TB.
    - 23% lower idle power per drive
    - 49% better watts-per-TB
  • Best density footprint in a standard 3.5-inch form factor
    - 50% higher capacity
  • Lighter weight than a standard five-disk 3.5-inch drive
    - 50g lighter even with two more disks, offering 50% more capacity
    - 38% lower weight-per-TB

Infortrend DS 3000 Series RAID Units with the Hitachi 6TB Drives:

Infortrend is one of the World's first System Manufacture to qualify the new 6TB drives in their RAID Data Storage Solutions. These new drives with the lower operating cost, and capacity, can greatly reduce TCO in the different capacities the Infortrend units offer. These drives offer as much as 72TB in a 2U 12 drive foot print to as much as 360TB in a 4U 60 drive solution with options in between of 3U 16 drive, 4U 48 drive and 4U 48 drive to fill most requirements. All of the solutions also support over 300 drives through JBOD Expansion.


The DS 3000 Series is a well designed and reliable solution for Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements. The systems are available in Single and Dual Controller Options. Infortrend offers these solutions in High IOPS version as well as Standard.

Data Services:

The DS 3000 Series includes data services such as Local Replication Snapshot and Volume Copy / Volume Mirror along with Thin Provisioning. They also have upgrade options with Remote Replication and Automated Storage Tiering.


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