Sept 2014 - Genstor partners with Colovore, a colocation Data Center

Infortrend DS 3000 Series Family

2KW to 20KW per Rack

Genstor Systems Inc announces a partnership with Colovore, a colocation datacenter providing racks that scale from 2 kW to 20 kW per rack. Allowing for colocation of power hungry Blade servers, Multi-Node and Mini-Blade Servers, as well as implementing Big Data deployments in one rack. Genstor Systems can help build such hardware deployments and also help support it, being walking distance away from Colovore.

Colovore cabinets are 45U enclosures with fully-perforated front and rear doors for low resistance to air flow. Locks on each cabinet are separately keyed for privacy and security. Power is provided by one or more 50A 120/208V 3 phase intelligent power distribution units. Colovore can  accommodate any server power plug or receptacle type. Each client can be connected to their MAN, WAN or the Internet with CAT6 or fiber handoffs. .

Genstor provides customized solutions for your Server, Storage, Clusters, PC/Workstation, OEM Appliance and High Performance Computing and High Availability needs.  Genstor specializes in customizing hardware around the OS and applications of your choice.  Partnerships formed over the years, such as the new one with Colovore, help customers in getting answers fast. .

For more information about colocation contact with any questions.


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