JBOD Storage
Genstor 4U JBOD Storage GS-RS40J
4u JBOD with 45 3.5” disk bays.
  • Extra High-Density 4U JBOD Storage Chassis with SAS inputs
  • High-Availability Features : Redundant, Hot-pluggable cooling system, Power Supplies, Hot-swap drives.
  • Redundant (1+1) 1400W Gold Level power supply with PMBus function.
  • Maximum 3.5” hot-swap drives density 45x (24 front + 21 rear) HDD bays. SAS Expanders support SAS2 (6Gb/s).
  • Requires system with external SAS ports.
Most requested customization options for this config :
Server Connected to 1u or 2u hosts with external SAS ports.
Interconnect LSI® SAS6160 24-port SAS switch.
Disks SAS/SATA disks. SSD drives.
Chassis 4U chassis with 88 pluggable 2.5” bays.
Operating Systems Host dependant.
Application Storage in constrained racks. Disk to disk back-up. Storage server.
Add-ons 1u or 2u servers with LSI® 9260-8e, Adaptec® 6805, Intel® RS2PI008, or Areca® 1880X.
  LSI® SAS616024-port SAS switch.
Commonly asked-for options we provide:
Servers 1u system with 2 open PCI-E slots.
Some useful info:
RAID levels http://www.adaptec.com/NR/rdonlyres/874D145E-F64F-4804-9E27-037BC5A9DCE0/0/3994_RAID_WhichOne_v112.pdf
Power Supply http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/80_PLUS
SAS switch http://www.lsi.com/products/storagecomponents/Pages/LSISAS6160Switch.aspx