Genstor 2u Storage Server GS-S20L
2u 16 2.5” disk bay storage server with LSI ® Nytro Warp Drive
  • 2U rack-optimized chassis.
  • Intel® CPUs
  • LSI Nytro Warp Drive
  • 16x 2.5” bays pluggable bays
  • Hot-plug fans, power supplies, and disks
  • LSI ® SAS or SATA cards optional
  • 4x PCI-E 3.0 x8 slots (2x Full-height
    Full-length, 2x Full-height Half-length)
  • 2x 1G copper ports
  • IPMI management on dedicated LAN
Most requested customization options for this config :
Processors Intel ® E5-2600 series.
Networking 1G (2 or 4-port), or 10G networking(Intel and Chelsio).
RAID/SAN LSI ® 9280-16i4e
Disks SAS/SATA disks. SSD drives.
SSD Flash Nytro WarpDrive BLP4-1600, BLP4-800, BFH8-3200 .
Chassis Fixed.
Operating Systems
FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, VMWare. .
Some OS will require card addition or hardware change for best performance.
(Some Operating Systems require license purchase to be loaded by us).
Application Application Acceleration for IO Intensive and Latency Sensitive Workloads.
Ideal for Data Mining, OLTP and HPC .
4U JBOD with 45x (24 front + 21 rear) HDD bays.
Commonly asked-for options we provide:
Software LSI Cachecade
Some useful info:
Flash Accelerator