In order to help us to solve your problem quickly, please have the following information handy when you contact our technical support:
  • System Serial Number (Located on the back of the system), Serial Number format is AA999 ( AA - stands for two alphas and 999 stands for three digit numeric number.)
  • Detailed description of the problem.
  • The steps you already taken to diagnose the problem.
  • If you send an email to our support, please include your name and telephone number.

Five frequently asked questions:

    Q: What is my root password?
    A: The default root password is: genstor (all lower case). For Windopws XP, (no password), For other Windows, administrator password is: genstor

    Q: What is my additional user's login name and password?
    A: In some system that requires default user added, such as Ubuntu, the default user is: genstor, password: genstor. All others, no default users added.

    Q: Can I remotely connect to the system to make changes?
    A: No. By default, to prevent remote attack, ssh or Windows remote login are disabled.

    Q: I received my system, but there's no POST, no beeps when I turned on the power.
    A: Some times due to improper handling by shipper, the CPU and some components may get loose, you need to open the chassis, reset the CPU and other components. To reset the CPU, you need to remove the CPU heat sink, and then remove the CPU and insert it back to the socket.

    Q: System received is damaged in shipping?
    A: Please contact the shipping company as soon as possible and inform us as well. Ideally, at the time of delivery, a note mentioning the physical damage should be made on the receiving receipt of the shipping company.

    Please check our FAQ section for more questions and answers.

Contact support via phone:

  • Support hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM PST
  • Support Phone Number: 408-980-0126
  • Please leave a message if the line is busy. For faster service is the best way to get hold of support department.

Contact support via email: