Intel® Xeon®, AMD®
Intel® Nehalem-Ex servers,
Blade Servers, Modular Servers
10G Ethernet Fibre connectivity
SSD storage,
Direct Attached Storage(DAS),

Networked Attached

JBOD storage Appliance iSCSI and FCoE. Fibre - SATA/SAS,
SAS - SATA/SAS RAID storage High Availability and High Performance Cluster Solutions.
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Genstor Special Offer

1U 4-way server with 4 Intel E7330 Quad Core Tigerton CPUs, 2.4Ghz and 32GB memory.

4 socket board with dual copper gig Ethernet, and VGA. 1u chassis with 3 pluggable SATA bays, and single power supply. 4 Intel Tigerton CPUs installed. 8(eight) 4GB 677MHz Dimms for 32GB memory. 24 DIMM sockets. One 500GB 7200rpm SATA OS disk. 1 Open PCI-Express slot.

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2U 2-way server with 1 Intel X5482 Quad Core 3.2GHz CPUs installed and 1 socket open. 8GB memory.

2 socket board with dual copper gig Ethernet, and VGA. 2u chassis with 8 pluggable SATA bays, and single power supply(can be converted to 3U chassis). 1 Intel X5482 Xeon CPUs installed. 1 CPU socket open. 2(two) 4GB 677MHz Dimms for 8GB memory. 4 DIMM sockets. One 500GB 7200rpm SATA OS disk. 4 (x8) PCI-Express (Gen 2.0), 1 (x4) PCI-Express (Using x8 slot), 1 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X slots

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Genstor Systems Inc. is in the business of providing cost-effective custom-tailored solutions. We customize hardware around a particular operating system, within a particular budget, and/or optimized for the best performance. You will get personalized help through the process.

Give us a chance, and you will realize how much time our expertise can save you. We've learnt from our mistakes, so you don't have to. Our relationships in the industry can be an asset to you. Offload your requirements on to us and we will bring solutions to the table that fit you to a T. Then you no longer have to worry about trends, and can concentrate on your core business.


Contact for all your custom needs. We specialize with most Open Source Operating Systems like - Redhat Linux, Fedora, Suse, Debian, Centos, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and also MS Windows. Try us and we will have a solution for you.
news & updates
February 2013
Genstor introduces a 60-bay JBOD in partnership with Quanta

Genstor Systems is pleased to announce availability of a new 60-bay top-loading JBOD system. As an ultra-dense, scalable, and cost-effective disk expansion unit, Quanta MESOS M4600H features sixty hot-pluggable 3.5"/2.5", SAS/SATA, HDDs/SSDs in a 4U enclosure and provides shared direct-attached-storage to up to four Quanta STRATOS servers simultaneously via four external mini-SAS ports. Major components including power supplies, fans, and SAS Interface Modules are redundant and hot-pluggable with high availability. The design is optimized for the general-purpose needs of enterprise and service provider datacenters where the lowest operational cost-per-watt and smallest footprint are critical to achieving the desired economics.


December 2012
Genstor introduces servers based on AMD Opteron™ Processor 6300 and 4300 Series.

Genstor Systems is pleased to announce availability of servers based on the new AMD processors. AMD Opteron^(TM) 6300 Series processors deliver performance for the real world and value for real budgets by offering low acquisition costs that help to reduce overall TCO. Ideal for power-conscious cloud deployments, the AMD Opteron 4300 Series processor has been streamlined to run applications faster than ever at the lowest possible energy draw.


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