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GPU Computing

New methods of parallel computing have brought supercomputing to consumers through highly parallel GPUs. GPUs, originally designed to handle complex graphics calculations, have been utilized in other ways to process large amounts of data in a different way than a conventional CPU does. Genstor offers GPU solutions which generate massively parallel processing power and unrivaled networking flexibility. GPU computing solutions from both AMD and Nvidia and offers custom systems based on AMD or Intel® architecture. Let us help you decide if GPU computing is an option for your needs.

G492-HA0 (rev. 100)

AI, AI Training, AI InferenceVisual Computing & HPCKey FeaturesDual Intel CPU 4U x 10 x GPU Dual Root Server, NVidia Certified ServerDual Soc

GPU SuperServer SYS-420GP-TNR

High Performance ComputingRenderingVDIAI/Deep Learning TrainingKey FeaturesDual Socket P+ (LGA-4189) 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable ProcessorsIn

SuperServer 4029GP-TRT2

AI/ML, Deep Learning Training and InferenceHigh Performance Computing (HPC) Big Data AnalyticsAstrophysics SimulationChemistry SimulationRes


Up to 4 NVIDA Tesla P100 SXM2 GPUs Up to 80 GB/s GPU-to-GPU NVIDIA NVLINK Optimized for NVIDA GPU Direct RDMA Key Features Dual


Support up to 4 NVIDIA GPUs in 1U Support Active/Passive GPUs GPU Health Monitoring with Fan Speed Control Key Features Dual sock


HPC, AI, Big Data Analytics, Research Lab GPUS Under Single Root Complex Support RDMA Key Features Dual socket R3 (LGA 2011) E5-260
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