JBOD Storage
Genstor 4u Ultra-dense 60-bay JBOD
An ultra-dense, scalable, and cost-effective disk expansion unit, featuring Quanta M4600H.
  • 4U rack-optimized chassis with redundant 1400W power supplies.
  • (60) 3.5” and 2.5” SASII and SATAIII hot-pluggable hard drives with dual-port access. (SATA drive requires optional Active-Active MUX).
  • (2) Hot-swappable SAS Interface Modules (SIM).
    (4) Hot-swappable Internal SAS Interface Modules (ISIM).
  • (4) 6Gb/s mini-SAS ports per SIM
    - (3) Host ports
    - (1) OUT port for cascading
  • Optional 3-year hardware and onsite warranty service options.
Most requested customization options for this config :
Disks SATA, SSD, SAS disks.
Commonly asked-for add-ons we provide:
Servers Quanta Stratos Servers.
SAS Switch LSI 6160 SAS Switch..
Networking switch Quanta Tropos Networking switches.
Some useful info:
Sub-system details http://www.quantaqct.com/en/01_product/02_detail.php?mid=29&sid=143&id=144&qs=96
Servers http://www.quantaqct.com/en/01_product/00_overview.php?mid=27
Networking http://www.quantaqct.com/en/01_product/00_overview.php?mid=30
SAS switch http://www.lsi.com/channel/products/storagecomponents/Pages/LSISAS6160Switch.aspx
RAID levels http://www.adaptec.com/NR/rdonlyres/874D145E-F64F-4804-9E27-037BC5A9DCE0/0/3994_RAID_WhichOne_v112.pdf